Caisse Mutuelle Socio-Médicale - CMSM

Founded in 1992, CMSM is a non-profit organization that provides to its Adherents and beneficiaries access of hospitalization and medical coverage at a low cost with great quality of healthcare service.

CMSM caters for more than 50,000 Adherents members benefiting from health coverage in more than 800 healthcare providers across Lebanon.

Since its foundation, CMSM contributes to the development of a solidarity-based social protection by adapting to the increase of the community needs.

our solutions

Flame Health Care Plan
Your health matters to us. With Flame, you can rest assured that you and your family will be receiving best in class healthcare coverage at the best rates. Find out more.
The mutuality management training center was established with the aim of building the capacities of agents in the field as well as increasing employability opportunities of potential agents through a series of training modules. Find out more.
Retirement and
Convalescence Center
A welcoming environment for the elderly who are too frail to continue living in their homes as well as recovering surgery patients. The center provides the highest standards of residential and nursing care built around patients’ specific needs. Find out more.