A human-centered convalescence and nursing home!

Take a look around you!

The cost of living in Lebanon has increased over the past few years; moreover unemployment and inflation are on the rise in a country where the minimum wage barely covers basic daily needs of those who are employed.
As a result, the majority of the Lebanese population is forced to relocate or even immigrate for work or to pursue of a better lifestyle.

This has caused a decline in our social fabric, in several ways, some of which are:

  • Severing or altering close and extended family ties,
  • Driving away our country’s most valuable asset, talented youth,
  • Alienating the older, frailer generation.

Meanwhile, and for those who stay in Lebanon, the pressure of meeting daily socio-economic needs, the absence of state intervention and assistance have forced our elderly to live in isolation, or to be accompanied, in most cases, by untrained foreign assistants.

To address this social and health issue, the Socio-Medical Mutual Fund proposes a human-centered nursing home concept, the Retirement and Convalescence Home.

Our Vision

Our vision for the Retirement and Convalescence Home is to create a welcoming environment for older people and for those who are too frail to continue living in their own homes, by providing the highest standards of residential and nursing care built around their specific needs.

Our Planned Services

Through the centre, we aim to:

  1. First Class Accommodation: relaxing, comfortable and bespoke individual living rooms offered at competitive market rates.
  2. The bedrooms will boast en-suite facilities with high-end finishing to ensure our residents receive the care they deserve in safe and friendly environment. Surplus earned from this accommodation class would go towards covering the center’s operating costs and contributing in the accommodation fees of the Mutual Class.
  3. Mutual Class Accommodation: Friendly, relaxing and comfortable single and double bedrooms offered at a nominal fee.

Our Facilities

We believe that everyone has the right to rehabilitation and nursing care which is individually designed tomeet their specific ne

  1. Provide personalized, professional and attentive care at every stage of recovery, starting post-hospital discharge.
  2. Provide high quality nursing for those who are medically stable but still require special attention.
  3. Ensure that everyone we accommodate will be able to maintain as much independence as possible.

Our Care areas

Long Term Care

Short Term Care



The Center’s Actual Development Stage

The two buildings that will house the center have already been acquired by the Socio-Medical Mutual Fund.

Furthermore, a team of engineers, architects, doctors and other expert consultants have put together plans for these two buildings to bring them up to required standard and refurbish them to include all necessary medical equipment.

Your support and contribution will help us launch the center and care for the vulnerable.