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In-Hospital admission at any provider within CMSM network requires that you submit a copy of your Healthcare Card and Individual ID, the Unified Prescription signed and sealed by your Treating Physician, and any previous diagnostic results that may help providing the approval.

Online approval for In-Hospital admission is usually granted with an utmost time of 2 hours, while for Ambulatory tests and imageries it shouldn’t overtake 30 minutes.

Your membership number is printed on your Healthcare Card above your name. The reference number on the right side of your card indicates your membership ID number.

If you still can't find your membership number ID, don’t hesitate to contact CMSM offices

To submit a reimbursement claim you need to provide a copy of: Your own Healthcare Card, personal ID, a medical report from the treating physician, diagnostic results, original detailed bill and the receipt.

Usually a direct reimbursement claim is submitted at CMSM offices.

Normally direct claims are processed within 30 working days.

No, CMSM medical program doesn’t include Doctors’ consultations fees and visits.

To claim for death indemnity, prepared specific Death Indemnity Form is to be filled in, attached with an Official Death Certificate. Other related documents can also be required

CMSM does cover all urgent medical case or accident’s claims that occur outside Lebanon if travel not exceeding 30 consecutive days and being for a long term stay

Yes, CMSM has an after-hours team available 24/7 for urgent inquiries on 00 961 3 42 57 42.

No, CMSM grants GR for adherents under 65 years old after studying the medical file of each adherent on a yearly basis. No      extra charge for GR.

Usually, schedule payments should be settled regularly;  otherwise, coverage will be suspended automatically till settlement.

Because CMSM adherents are our first priority, and because we genuinely ensure their best interests, we know how to listen, find solutions proactively and be responsive to their needs. We consider this our duty and part of the long-term commitment.

Check the calculator on the homepage

CMSM is a non-profit organization that provides to its adherents and beneficiaries access of hospitalization and medical coverage at a low cost with great quality of healthcare service.

 Yes, all Christians Lebanese citizens

Because CMSM adherents are our first priority, and because we genuinely safeguard their best interests. Keep your trust resilient.

CMSM up to date population is more than 60.000 adherents and beneficiaries. Our Medical Program offers an extended variety of medical and healthcare benefits, coverage, social aid and assistances.

You may refer to CMSM total medical and healthcare expenses settled to hospitals, diagnostic centers and other medical care providers.

If you want to reach us, you can visit our main office at Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh, Bldg. 1, Lebanon, email us on, call us on 09225547, 03425742 or simply chat with us.

We cover all tests and procedures such as coronarography, angioplasty and open heart surgery if they are usual and medically indicated. But if you are a new adherent, a waiting period of 3 months is applicable.

In the 2nd year of enrollment, 100.00 US$ scholarship for every single child aged between 4 and 17 years is to be deducted from your family total cotisation amount.

We do cover polysomnography procedure only.

2nd child and above under 17yo, will benefit from Family Assistance and will be free of charge for In Hospital coverage plan under Mutual class with NO Nssf.

CMSM do cover the FDA approved chemotherapy and radiotherapy, usual and medically indicated procedures and diagnostic tests.